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Military funerals, fire fighter funerals and civilian ceremonies, Chris has piped for them all. He works closely with loved ones to ensure the musical selection is both personal and memorable.

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hire a wedding bagpiper in st louis

Whether your wedding is a formal religious ceremony or a backyard marquee, Chris will be there to help make it wonderful. A talented, professional bagpiper who will help make the day as special as you deserve.

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Special Occassions

Birthday parties, store openings, retirements and graduations are but a few of the occasions for which Chris Apps has been asked to play his bagpipes. Virtually any type of celebration or event can become truly special when you hire a bagpiper to perform.

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Performing Arts

Chris has appeared on numerous television shows, recorded with major music stars including Mark Oldfield. Chris has piped with the St Louis Symphony Orchestra and was a guest soloist with the Chamber Society of St Louis.

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Learn to play the bagpipes st louis

Lessons are available for all ages and abilities. Chris has been teaching the bagpipes for over 30 years and is a certified bagpipe judge. He has adjudicated both in the UK and the US. Lessons target specific requirements and are mostly online.

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About Chris

Chris Apps was born in the UK and has lived in the St Louis area since 2006. He has been playing the bagpipes for nearly 40 years. Chris is a bagpipe reed maker by trade and Apps reeds are played on every continent in the world. He has published a book on the manipulation of highland bagpipe reeds and has recently developed the PitchGuard Split-Stock System for regulating air pressure throughout the pipes.

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